Thursday, January 7, 2010

While Abby Sleeps

Yesterday I was tired of cleaning and Abby was just tired.  Perhaps she was snoozy due to the walk we took in 22* temps.  Oh how she loves to stick her nose in the snow and then eat it!  So off to my sewing room we went. 

While she snoozed, I played.

I have a bunch of odds and ends of colored thread.

Same with the bobbins.  And several months back I cut various strips from 1 1/4" wide to 2 1/2" wide from my scrap stash.

I've been wanting to make a string quilt.  Maybe mine is more of a rope as I have wider strips.  Certainly not my invention--but here's a little "how-to."  I started with 7" squares of muslin.  Lay one strip down the middle and another strip on top, right sides together.  Sew with a quarter inch seam. Press open.  Do this until you get to the end tip then turn it around and do the other side until the muslin is filled. 

Your square will look like this (oops! ignore that little tip).

Lay a 6 1/2" square on the back side and trim edges.

Now you have one of these.

And 'cuz when Abby's a good thing, look what I can get done!  This is a wonderful scrap buster project. 
~Piecefully, Stephanie