Friday, December 7, 2012

The Scent of Christmas

Don't you wish your screen was a scratch and sniff?  I wanted to make little sachet bags of mulling spices for cider or red wine, if you prefer.  I think spiced black tea would be tasty too.

I had planned to make my own little bags out of muslin but I found some bags at World Market.  Using THIS recipe I mixed up my spices and filled the little bags.  Put them in a cute tin with the  "how to use" recipe and you have an aromatic, simple, homemade holiday gift.  If you need a more substantial gift pair it with a bottle of wine or a couple of mugs.


6 Sauer's whole cardamon
1 tbsp. Sauer's whole cloves
1 tbsp. Sauer's whole allspice
1 tsp. Sauer's orange peel
12 Sauer's whole cinnamon sticks
Open cardamon pods and remove seeds; crust lightly. Combine seeds with cloves, allspice and orange peel. Place 2 teaspoons of spice mixture in the center of a 4 inch square of cheesecloth or muslin; bring corners together and tie with string to make a bag. Tie 3 cinnamon sticks to each bag; repeat with remaining spice mixture. Place 1 bag in 1 quart apple or cranberry juice or red wine. Simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Serve warm. Makes: 4 spice bags.

I used cardamom seeds for ease.

 On Christmas morning I fill my smaller crock pot with Apple Cider and mulling spices and let simmer on low all day long.  It would be wonderful for holiday parties too.

***One final thing -- every now and then you come across something that puts an explanation point on your day.  Please go HERE to see the Sparkly goodness.

~Piecefully, Stephanie


Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

Great idea, thanks for sharing!

September Violets said...

My screen IS scratch and sniff!! I'm leaving your photo on all day to scent my room :D Wendy

Annemariesquilt said...

Good tip Stephanie...
I am sad to see your trees going down. I heart trees too ;-) I can see how Abby is rushing from window to window to watch the guys out in the garden !!

KaHolly said...

Another clever and yummy idea!! Thanks for sharing!

jody said...

thanx stephanie for another great recipe and gift idea! my cousin gave mom cookies in a jar for her pretty and a nice gift too. i am bound to do some decorating today!! i thought id check in first as its been awhile. love love seeing another versian of your pattern!! you should be very proud!! its beautiful and bright! enjoy your day!!

Simone de Klerk said...

I can smell it all the way here. Perfect recipe for the weather we have now.
And what a lovely sparkling quilt!

Candace said...

Wow - if I try hard enough I can almost smell the goodness! Thanks for the recipe, too! That's a huge, wonderful explanation on your day, too!

Maja said...

I can almoast smell Christmas looking at your picture.
Sorry for your trees.
I´m ready with another PIP´s!!!

pratima said...

Thank you for a wonderful recipe, Stephanie! I could almost smell the delicious scent just by looking at your beautiful pictures :)
Have a great weekend!

Cathy said...

I too can almost smell it from here, yum. Thanks for the recipe. Wow, that star quilt is incredible! xo

Jane Holbrook said...

Resplendent photos of sparkle plenty. Here's a funny story about my sachet gifts last year: sent batik bags of lavender and cloves, one friend brewed it up and said it was delicious! Happy Sewing!

Glenna @ Hollyhock Quilts said...

YUM! Gorgeous pics of the quilt at sunset.

Cille said...

Uhm... You know it's Christmas when it smells like Christmas.

Your recipe is perfect for kids too. Here in Denmark we have gløgg, which is adult only drink. (Redwine that has spices, raisins, almonds and a healthy dose of alcohol like brandy in it). Somehow the kids are aleays left out... I will make your drink for the them this year :)

Another thing we do with spices is to decorate an oranges with cloves and red silk ribbon. It has the most amazing fragrance

Kathy said...

Thanks for the recipe, Stephanie! I have stirred up a batch to give to my quilting students... all international Neighbors from Japan, Korea and Indonesia. I think they will like it over the too-sweet cookies that we American's make.

Solstitches said...

I wish I had a scratch and sniff screen to be able to smell the gorgeous aroma that I know these little bags must hold.

Fahmi Setiawan said...
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