Sunday, September 22, 2013

Panel Quilts

Once upon a long time ago (2008) I made this little quilt using an alphabet panel.  I'm not a big lover of fabric panels but I do love the alphabet.  Baby quilts are fun to make and I like to keep some on hand.  I also love using cozy flannel on the back.

I can't seem to part with this one.

Fall is in the air and soon my blue and green chairs will go into storage.  The freshness of blue and green speak "Summer" to me.

Earlier this year I drug out another alphabet panel from my stash.  I bought it because it was blue and green.  I went diving into my fabric and pulled out cornflower, blueberry, and apple colors.  Lots of dots, of course!  Last night the last stitch went into the binding.  The morning sky cooperated, offering a crisp clear blue with a hint of puffy clouds.

I used the same setting as the little alphabet quilt.  The blocks in this panel were larger so therefore so is the quilt. The floral print is the border.  Maybe now that I have this beauty I can part with the little one.

*          *          *          *          *

Thanks to everyone who offered names for my courthouse steps/lantern quilt in a previous post.  Also thanks for stopping by to let me know about your social media habits.  Both are appreciated.

~Piecefully, Stephanie


katyquilts said...

Love your blue and green quilt! That Denyse Schmidt print is perfect for the back!

Cille said...

What a clever setting. I really like how the expected lines are broken in the top and bottom row. Makes it eye-catching. I'm not loving panels either but I think your letters are different from most. Very sweet and sparking my imagination.

Beautiful day at your place... Here it's definitely an autumn day too but grey, brown and wet. Perfect for candles and a good cup of coffee inside.

Ulla said...

So fresh and beautiful!

Candace said...

They are both just adorable and perhaps they're telling you to hang onto them for future grandchildren ;>)

Michele said...

Beautiful quilt and beautiful pictures, Stephanie!

Ajka said...

Beautiful quilts know how to sew. You are very clever. I liked the look :-)

Lynn said...

They are both darling quilts. We have a ways to go I think before we put away the outdoor things. I think we may have some cooler days ahead though. Whenever I see that shade of blue or green I think of you, I was just at the garden center and saw a chair and thought that is shade should be called Loft Creations Green!

lindsey said...

Beautiful quilts. I love the backing fabric of the blue and green one

Carrie P. said...

both quilts are so pretty. I do like those dots in the new quilts.
I was just thinking about the furniture I need to put up. I have some wicker on my porch I just cover each winter.

pratima said...

Your sense of colors is wonderful, Stephanie! Both quilts are adorable! The floral border is beautiful and picks up the colors in the quilt perfectly!